Top Water Pump brands in India

The water pump is now a necessity that has ventured into almost every home of the city or even village. Its fundamental task is to pump water at a comparatively higher pressure and speed as compared to normal flow through Municipal Corporation pipe connections.

You should be acquainted with the technicalities of the type of water pump. You should pay attention to the capacity and horsepower of the pump selected. We will try to enlist some of the best brands of the water pumps with relevant details of each so that it will be easy for you to select among them.

Water Pumps are basically divided into Domestic Water Pumps and Agricultural Water Pumps.

Domestic Water pumps are essentially used in homes for water requirements. They are further divided into a few kinds –

  • Self-Prime Regenerative Pumps
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Bore Well Compressor Pumps
  • Pressure Booster Pumps and Shallow Well Pumps

Agricultural Water Pumps are of two different kinds –

  • Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps.

Herewith utmost research, we note down few best domestic water pumps in India :

#1. Bosch

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Bosch Limited is a flagship company of the Bosch Group, a global player in the field of technology and services. The company reinforces the supply of modern products in the areas of industrial technology, home technology, automotive and consumer goods, etc. It focuses on the innovation and quality of products.

It has grown exponentially during its inception and it has segmented its product. To cater to the demand of the power tools segment, Bosch has invented the Bosch Power Tool division in 1993, in India and started marketing a complete range of power tools. Additionally, the division also has a comprehensive range of quality essential everyday home accessories.

It aims to be the trendsetter in the water technology industry by taking 4000 pump manufacturers and more than 1 million hardware and sanitary ware dealers on a single platform collectively. The company aims to be the number one player in the field not only in the region but in the entire country.

#2. Havells

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Dedicated to delivering comprehensive revolutionary pump services for agricultural, municipal, residential, petroleum, and industrial-commercial markets, Havells Pump comes with both horizontal and vertical pumps that provide complete underground water pumping solutions.

With modern technology, reliable resources, and innovative solutions, Havells pump has introduced an assorted range of water pumps and motors, including, submersible pump, submersible motor, bare shaft pump, end suction pump, and Centrifugal Monoblock Pump.

Havells Pump has dedicated themselves to develop modern technology equipped centrifugal pumps which are effectively catered to the industrial and other commercial sectors. The seamless conversion of mechanical energy of a motor into kinetic energy and then into potential energy in the form of pressure energy of the pumped fluid makes this centrifugal pump the most popularly used pump.

#3. Usha

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The brand believes in reliability, quality, and affordability logics and offers the same through its services and qualitative products to the customers. Further, to ensure the quality of all the products the brand is manufacturing its products within its in-house manufacturing unit where it has employed the latest technologies.

Usha Shriram has a rich legacy, of backing its products with excellent after-sales service, resulting in satisfied customers.

#4. CRI pumps

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CRI is committed to pumping trust worldwide and making peoples’ life easy. It is primarily focused on the manufacturing of drainage pumps, industrial pumps, pressure booster pumps, and sewage pumps. The brand has a strong presence in different sectors including power, pharmaceutical, chemical, and public health sector where it is contributing as a leading player who offers modern equipment and machinery. The company has made its beginning in 1961 and spread wings into water pumping technology, valves, wires & steel casting. It works on the ethos of innovation, commitment, and reliability and reached to this success.

C.R.I.‘s well-equipped R&D coupled with the latest engineering software & technology, highly flexible production facilities, stringent, integrated & modern quality control systems well-tuned logistics system & steadfast workforce ensure delivery of high standard and flawless products. Proven performance, functional design, quality, and after-sales support ensures trouble-free operation year after year.

#5. Shakti

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If you have a requirement for highly innovative water pumps, Shakti pumps are just a click away. It is providing energy-efficient pumps for the customers of urban as well as rural areas. The company is committed to achieving customer faith through its excellent services. It has a number of authorized service centers across India, which ensures timely services and guidance to the customers.
The product profile of this brand includes Submersible Pumps with Motors, Open Well Pumps, Self Priming Pumps and Pressure Booster Pumps, etc. They all are used for field irrigation, industrial processes and to handle wastewater.


  Choose Wisely

We have done all the hard work to help you choose the best water motors brand in India. I hope, it will help and you will choose the quality product according to your requirements and budget. Compare the advantages of each water pump and according to your requirements choose the product that is most suitable for you.


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