In the busy and scheduled life of every day, it becomes very important to take a break for a day or two. And what could be better than taking a break in God’s Own Country Kerala? If you are planning to visit somewhere, visit here, and experience a soul-cleansing life for two days. Naturewise, winters are the best time to visit in Kerala.

There are Nineteen places to visit in two days journey, listed below:

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#1. Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls-

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls, Kottayam | Kerala Tourism

It is a beautiful waterfall near Kottayam. The water flows from a height of about 80 feet or so. It is active during monsoon only so summer is not a good time to visit. The road to the waterfall is amazing, filled with awesome scenery. It is a very good place to be with friends and family. But there s nothing much to do there as it is mostly about sightseeing. Also you can have a bath under the falls.

#2. Kottayam- Tourist Place in Kerala

Aqua Tourism in Kottayam | Kerala Tourism

The town is also known as Aksharanagri, as it established one of the starting of many daily newspapers. It was the main center of literature. It is also India’s first 100% literate town. The town is surrounded by hills and a tourist attraction.

#3. Thazhatangady Juma Masjid-

Juma Masjid at Thazhathangadi in Kottayam | Kerala Tourism

The masjid is ancient, about 1000 years old. It is a wonderful place to visit in Kumarakoram. The surrounding is decorated by the nature itself by the Meenachil stream flowing nearby it. The wooden architecture of the masjid contrasts with the interior and forms a beautiful atmosphere.

#4. Saint Mary’s Church-

St. Mary's Church, Kudamaloor, Kottayam, Kerala | Kerala Tourism

It is one of the oldest and nicely maintained churches in India. The interior is marvelously decorated by painting and murals. Its architecture is as that of temples of the 14th century, with lights hanging on the cliffs. It has a beautiful grassy lawn and is around 500 years old. The church is burnished with things brought from many parts of the country. One end is captured by a huge bell, brought from Goa.

#5. Kumarakom Backwaters-

Kumarakom - an enchanting backwater destination in Kottayam | Kerala Tourism

The state Kerala is famous for its backwaters and the backwater of Kumarakom is one of the most beautiful. The delightful peninsula is surrounded by many kinds of boats and canoes which make the scene of the backwater pleasing to the eyes. The water is home to many aquatic animals like crabs, prawns, and many fishes. The water is available for swimming, fishing, and boating as well. The surrounding is decorated with coconut trees like a dazzling necklace.

#6. Vembanad Lake-

Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom, Backwater tourism destination, Kottayam | Kerala  Tourism

It is the second-largest lagoon in India and the largest in Kerala. It is also considered the longest lake in India. It hosts many seasonal birds throughout the year. This makes the visit a magnificent one with a sky filled with colorful birds. The lake is used in inland water transport and is declared as a national waterway. The lake offers a boating experience along with rental houseboats for stay. The main jewel of the lake is the amazing sunrise and sunset.

#7. Kumarakom Beach-

Kumarakom Backwaters in Kottayam | Kerala Tourism

The beach is located on the banks of the Vembanad Lake. The main attraction of the place is the famous snake boat festival. It attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world. The beach offers many outdoor activities like skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, etc. The place is easily accessible and is ideal for a little adventure.

#8. Bay Island Driftwood Museum-

Bay Island Driftwood Museum, Kumarakom, Kottayam | Kerala Tourism

The museum showcases a wide number of collections made of driftwood. Due to cyclones in the Bay of Bengal, driftwood is abundant in the area. Some of the woods are even hundreds of years old. These woods are very flexible and can easily be shaped. The woods are shaped, polished and preserved so as to create a piece beautiful for the world to get attracted. This is also an example of scrap art. The pieces are similar as animals, birds, fishes, etc.

#9. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary-

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary in Kottayam | Kerala Tourism

The sanctuary is on the banks of Venbanad Lake. It is famous for the migratory birds. It is a paradise for bird watchers. But it is very important to visit in certain seasons as the bird cannot be seen throughout the year. The walk through the sanctuary demonstrates a number of rubber plantations, which was the main reason for the start of the sanctuary. A boating facility is also available for meandering.

#10. Vaikom Mahadeva Temple-

Vaikom Mahadeva Temple | Kerala Tourim Guide

It is the temple of Lord Shiva and is one of the trisomes created with Ettumanoor Shiva Temple and Kaduthuruthy Thaliyil Mahadev Temple. It is believed that if a person worships all three temples then all their wishes come true. It is said that Kharasur received three Shiva linga from Lord Shiva himself, being pleased with his bhakti. On his way back, he got tired and kept the Shiva linga on the ground where they attached themselves. Thus the three temples’ origin. The walls and pillars of the temple are beautifully decorated with paintings.

#11. Top Station-

Top Station in Munnar | Kerala Tourism

It is a viewpoint on the peaks of Kanan Devan hills of Munnar. It falls on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is famous for its rare Nilakurinji flowers. It was a transshipment point for the delivery of tea from Munnar. The green view of the tea garden expands till our eyes can see and the fresh air fills the lungs and also the soul. The early morning view is the best as the sunrise reddens the whole garden.

#12. Kurinjimala Sanctuary-

Road trip from Alappuzha to Cochin | Neelakurinji Flowering area | Bloggers  Experience

It is the home of the rare and endangered nilakurinji flowers, which blooms once in 12 years, near Top Station. The flowers themselves are attractive enough to attract people from all over. The sanctuary also cares for the endangered species of elephants, deer, etc. It is contiguous to five wildlife reserves and sanctuaries. It is also has a surrounding of high grassland and many evergreen trees and shrubs.

#13. Kundala Lake-

Kundala - a village enroute Top Station in Munnar, Idukki | Kerala Tourism

It is a divine lake on the way, returning from Top Station. It is near to Munnar. The lake is also abundant with the rare nilakurunji flowers, blooming once in 12 years. The dam on the lake is the oldest dam in Asia. The lake is available for many water activities like Shikara, pedal boats, rowboats, etc.

#14. Mattupetty Dam-

The Mattupetty Dam and Reservoir, Idukki | Kerala Tourism

It is a storage dam near Munnar, producing a large amount of hydroelectricity. The main attraction of the place is speed boating, though swimming is not allowed. The views are magnificent and thus make it ideal for photography. The water in the dam is very clean and an elephant ride is also available.

#15. Pothamedu View Point-

Tourist spots, Munnar, Idukki, Kerala, India

The point is available for trekking through the green forest. The location has fresh air to breathe and coffee and tea plantations to fest the eyes. The point also offers a good view of the Muthirapuzha River and the Idukki Arch Dam. The place can make you feel a little more attracted to nature.

#16. Tata Tea Museum-

Tea Museum in Munnar | Kerala Tourism

It is a history and industry museum situated in Munnar. The history of the people of Munnar talks about tea plantations and the people were primarily tea workers. The walls of the museum are filled with photographs of the evolution of the machines used in tea production. Even the old furniture of the starting days can be still seen enhancing the beauty of the halls.

#17. Attukal Waterfalls-

Attukal Waterfalls Munnar (Timings, History, Entry Fee, Images &  Information) - Kerala Tourism 2020

The majestic waterfall flows between Munnar and Attukal. A wooden bridge stands at the entrance. The falls are at their best during monsoon as the water flows at its best. The water brushes the rocks and falls at the small pool, which is good for swimming in dry seasons. The walk up to the falls is an enjoyable one, with lots of green surrounding.

#18. Marayur Dolmens-

Marayoor – A trek to the unknown forest of Marayur | Trekking Packages  Idukki| Eco Tourism in Kerala

It is the natural sandalwood forest in Kerala in the Idduki district. Dolmens and paintings of the Stone Age are seen on the rocks. The place is believed to have seen the civilization of the Stone Age and Iron Age. Some of the dolmens were used as burial grounds. The stone paintings of the dolmens mostly are abstract and few demonstrate humans and animals.

#19. Life of Pi Church-

Church Architecture | Kerala Tourism

The movie Life of Pi has a scene in which Pi learns about Jesus by visiting a small church. That church is situated in Munnar. If you are a fan of Irfaan Khan you have definitely wondered about it. The name of the church is Mount Carmel Church. It is surrounded by a tea garden. The church is not such a “must-see” place but it always feels good to see a location where movies were brought to life.

The places mentioned above are mostly in the cities of Kumarakom and Munnar. In Gods Own Country you will always feel close to God. Two days in two cities are enough to give you an experience of a lifetime. Take a break, fall in love and emerge as a new person. This is what Kerala can offer you.

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