Top 10 best Chimney Brands  in India

Having a luxurious kitchen  is what is trending. Get ready to provide a elegant look to your kitchen. It cannot be denied that chimney adds luxury and safety to your kitchen.

Traditional Indian Dishes are made out of lots of frying , roasting and cooking. The aroma of the Yummy Indian  Dishes gets spread across all of your kitchen and makes your kitchen unhealthy and dirty. Your kitchen stuffs starts getting more oily and dirty.

Thus getting a chimney  that is not only stylish but comfortable too is what is needed.There are many brands that reinforces together quality, comfort, luxury and price and give you best option.

This modern amenity adds on to the health of you and your chef. It sucks all the fumes and helps in maintaining a healthy environment in your kitchen.

Modern families are being shifted to a flat and having a modern quality chimney is desirable and required.  Modern Chimneys should function as a traditional masionary chimney and at the same time is considerably small in size.

With vigorous changing lifestyle there is a dynamic upgradation and modelling of the quality and design of chimney. Top companies keep refreshing their quality products to keep pace with the market.

Here are some benefits of the having the best chimney in India for small kitchens from the best kitchen chimney brands in India:

  1. Rid of Odour: Indian households use a lot of spices and oil while cooking which in turn emits a lot of fumes with odour, installing a kitchen chimney from the best kitchen chimney brands in India will help you get rid of this odour.
  1. Hygienic: Kitchen chimneys from the best kitchen chimney brands in India not only absorbs the odour from the kitchen but also have the ability to take in the oil and vapour from the food being cooked due to the high suction power, giving you a dust free and neat kitchen.
  1. Rid of Stickyness: These chimneys from the best kitchen chimney brands in India protect your other kitchen appliances, cabinets and walls from getting dirty by sticky fumes.
  1. Health : Since these best chimneys in India absorb the fumes, it tends to take care of the people with breathing problems in the house; they will not have to suffer due to these fumes and odour.

Here with utmost research we note down the Top 10 Best bed brands In India:

#1. Hindware

Hindware Nevio Plus 60  Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney

HSIL Limited, recognised by its brand ‘hindware’, is a leading name in the Indian market.

HSIL is the result of one man’s mission to revolutionize the sanitary ware market in India. In 1960, Mr. Rajendra K. Somany, in collaboration with Twyfords Ltd. of UK, established Hindustan Twyfords. Backed by innovative products, Hindustan Twyfords was the first company to introduce vitreous china ceramics in India. Keeping in mind the need to change the sanitation conditions in the country, his vision and goal found perfect harmony with his desire to do something for the social welfare of the nation as well.

Enjoy a trouble-free and pollution-free cooking experience with the all-new range of Hindware Auto Clean Hoods. Its self-cleaning operation exhausts smoke to the outside while trapping oil steam and other residues into an easy-to-clean residue container. Wall-mounted Hindware Decorative Hoods are all about traditional pyramid styling, supreme features, and solid performance to add quality and glitter to your beautiful kitchen.

#2.  Prestige

Prestige DKH 600 CS Wall Mounted Chimney

Over the past five decades TTK Prestige Limited, has emerged as India’s largest kitchen appliances company catering to the needs of home makers in the country. Every Prestige brand product is built on the pillars of safety, innovation, durability and trust, making the brand the first choice in millions of homes.

Prestige Smart Kitchen, a division of TTK Prestige Ltd, is an exclusive retailer for Prestige Products. A Prestige Smart Kitchen outlet is the only store where every Prestige Product is available 365 days a year. Every model and every variation available for you to see and evaluate. A Personalized sales team helps you understand your complete requirement and suggests appropriate products.

#3. Glen

GLEN Black + SS Wall Mounted Chimney

Glen is an inspiration from the needs of the discerning buyers of modern home appliances. Acknowledging the fact that quality services are the only two parameters for acceptance of a brand in the market, Glen is the answer to market dynamics.

At Glen the key operational words are professional excellence and integrity. In essence the approach of designing and developing products is primarily consumer led and is backed by the unflinching support of continuous Research and development. Their products are an ideal combination of aesthetics and performance. Guaranteed for long and trouble-free usage, Glen comes across as a household’s delight. It works under the mission :

“To be most sought after brand of home appliances that offer technologically superior world-class products & service, and to build a long term relationship with customers and business associates for stronger standing in the market.”

#4. Faber

Faber HOOD CREST PLUS HC SC BK 60 Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney

Designed to mirror your personalized style and choice, the leader in innovation and inventor of the first chimney, Faber chimneys bring you excellence in technology and efficiency for diverse tastes. Designed for quality with a lifetime warranty. Triple-layer filter with cut and clean technology. Ensures effective suction with zero cloggings. Performance is the key to the world’s only 3 and 4-way suction hoods. The only key to a quiet kitchen is the latest technology that brings you silence. The world’s only 4-way suction hood that scoops out the smoke faster.Hassle-free auto-clean technology that saves your time and energy.

#5. Elica

Elica WDAT HAC 60 NERO Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney

Elica, World’s No.1 in Kitchen Chimneys now in India. Your kitchen is the place where odors, flavors and taste mingle together with the family tradition of cooking and the pleasure of spending time together.

Modernity has turned the kitchen into a place rich with significance – the center of household affection and family ties.

#6. Bosch

Bosch DWB068D50I Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney

Has your Bosch appliance made a difference around your home? We’d love to hear from you! No matter what, no matter when: Service is our quality. The home appliance service from Bosch.

Bosch home appliances have been making everyday life a bit easier for many decades. They make sure that our housework gets finished faster and improve our quality of life. Let’s go back together to the beginnings of our story.

#7. Sunflame

Sunflame Bella 60 cm Wall Mounted Chimney

For the modern kitchen, Sunflame’s designer chimney is the perfect match. Robust motor, powerful suction, LED lighting and more in a sleek chimney design are the hallmark of this branded chimney.

Every model and every variation available for you to see and evaluate. A Personalized sales team helps you understand your complete requirement and suggests appropriate products.

#8.  IFB Chimney

IFB Gl-14T-90cm Wall Mounted Chimney

In today’s fast paced world, there’s hardly enough time to do everything your heart desires. Keeping time for a hobby or taking time off to rekindle old indulgences seems practically impossible. Imagine if there was a way to turn this around and if we could help you make more time for yourself?

At IFB, they want to liberate you from all the dull and time consuming household chores and help you to make quality time for all the things in life that really matter.

Their range of home appliances and the laundry, kitchen, and living solutions we design are all designed to help you spend more time doing whatever you really want to do – while leaving the hassles of household chores to our solutions.

#9. Whirlpool

Whirlpool CG 601 HAC HOOD Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney

The Whirlpool Brand in India is the symbolic representative of the spirit that drives and inspires us to be consistent with what we do best, making Home Appliances with advanced and intuitive technology to give our customers better than expected results every time.

This enormous success comes from an enduring brand vision that drives us to create a strong bond with all our consumers. This bond has been created and strengthened over the years by providing forward-looking solutions that have partnered with our consumers in managing their home life well.

#10. Butterfly

Butterfly Rhino Plus Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney

‘Gandhimathi Appliances Limited’, the flagship company of the Butterfly group, was originally incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 24th February 1986 and was converted into a Public Limited Company on 25th April 1990.  Subsequent to the merger of its associate, Gangadharam Appliances Limited, the name of the Company was rechristened to ‘Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Limited’ (BGMAL), with effect from 25th October 2011. BGMAL is listed with Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE)

Choose Wisely:

We have done a quality product in presenting before you various types of chimney brands available in the Indian Market. Make Comparisons with your wisdom and choose the most suitable product for you.


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