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Having around 70 brands of washing Machines available in market and each having its own edge it is quite obvious to get confused easily to pick one. The point here is we cannot change it regularly as we expect of long life service from it. So here is the guide to find your best product by comparing in multiple terms including service, capacity etc. It is hard to judge especially all are big companies. So before you decide read the article fully and find the one suitable to you.

10.Videocon VT55H12

The cost is around 12000INR. So best suitable for bachelors.

Allowing 5.5Kg of washable weight.  It is available in top loading model.

However the functionality is fully automated. As the brand has service centers all over India service after sales is great. So even if there is any problem service is available. Decent rpm with a count of 800 is an edge at this price. On top of all these 2 years of warranty is available apart from 10 years of warranty on motor.

Though the reviews are mostly positive but few claim it is not the best wash. Of course bachelors doesn’t mind. Isn’t it??

Top 10 best Washing Machines

9. Mitashi MiFAWM75v20

It one of the highest load takers in the market with a weight of 7.5 KGs allowing a family’s average load at a time. It is also having a warranty of 2 years and price is also reasonable quoting 13000INR.However a bit slow while washing and a bit noisy as per people say. Also in most of the cases service was not satisfactory. So it actually depends on service centre availability. But considering the price it is a good option.

Top 10 best Washing Machines


Quoting the price 17000INR it seems to best least price for front load models. It allows customers to give a load of 6.5 kg at a time and running at a speed of 1200rpm works good. Also inside drum with steel gives classy look. However the warranty is 1 year only and for motor 3 years. And some times service is poor. At times it vibrates and functions for more time. So it is a good option for low price with front load but service should kept in mind.

Top 10 best Washing Machines

7. Onida WO65TSPLDD1

This one from one of the legendary brands which is there in market from decades. However still the best washing machine from this is top loading only. Let’s have a look. It has 10+3 programs as well 6.5kg capacity. Taking care of children there is child lock. It gives the warranty for 2 years. The price is around 15000INR which is economical. By the way its rpm is also economical only with 780count.Making noise and leaking complaints have been the drawbacks for this product.

Top 10 best Washing Machines


6. Godrej WT 600 C

This one from most reliable and standard brand Godrej. Let’s look at it’s features. This came with technology “Pulsator”. Fully automated top load machine providing 2 years warranty. With 3 wash programs and 3 water levels looks decent at the price of 12000INR. Load capacity 6kg and rpm is around 700. Coming to the drawbacks sometimes it breaks down and has to restart again. Apart from that it works good. Service is an edge for this product.

Top 10 best Washing Machines

5. Samsung WA80E5XEC

A good product from Samsung. It is also targeting family with the price of 14,900INR. Allows user to give load 6 kg at a time. There are 4spin speed options. Durability, minimal residue, smart diagnosis system and durable heater puts the product special.  Though there is 2 years of warranty service wise it is lacking perfection.

Top 10 best Washing Machines

4. Whirlpool Whitemagic Premier 6.5

The brand which focused mainly washing machine from the beginning. So does the quality reflects in product. Focussed for families, load can be up to 6.5kgs. It supports hard water. The warranty lasts for 2 year and on motor it is 10 years. A small fetch is it fills the tub fast. Compared to previous products it is a bit costlier a bit with the price of 18000INR. But the servicing is good. So it worth’s spending.

Best washing machine

3. IFB Senorita Aqua SX

It is very hard to put IFB in 3rd position. As like sun rises in the east, it is as much true that IFB products works well. But there are exceptions. It is the reason IFB losing some points in the race. Let’s explore them.

A front load machine with enticing look taking care of delicate clothes like cotton it is a nice one. Also giving a warranty of 4 years is great. Put the load till the weight 6.5 kg. It has the speed of 1000 rpm. It can convert hard water to soft for better wash.

Best washing machine

Then what happened IFB, Why it is not ahead in rankings???

It is expensive as much as 32000INR. Also service charges are high for this. Yet, service availability is less. It is like product won’t give trouble usually but if it is given you have to frustrate a little.

Since there is tough competition for top ranking these small things will matter. Still it is definitely a great product.

2. Bosch  WAK24268IN

Pioneer brand in electrical and electronics created this with great interest so asking for high price as well. So prepare 32000INR to own this. It is best suitable for heavy loads as much as 7kg also with 1200rpm it works fine. Gives very minimal vibrations and maintains the machine with drum clean mode. Don’t get too much attracted with this. They never mentioned it as stainless. Even the ads given by them are carefully mentioned that it is not a stainless. And this could be the reason for securing 2nd position.

Top 10 best Washing Machines

1. LG 6  FH0B8NDL2

Isn’t it looking cute? It  is not only cute and good servant as well with decent price as well. Giving the experience of smooth work and lasting longer that too at a price of  26000INR puts it at the top position against its counterparts. It also takes 6Kg of load and works 1000rpm. As everyone knows the durability and reliability of LG products it is nothing exaggerating to say there won’t major problems with the product. Company offering 2 years of warranty on product and 10 of warranty on motor. To discuss the drawbacks as well there are small issues with display and few people faced unprofessional installations. So checking the machine and asking for good service can avoid these problems.

Top 10 best Washing Machines

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Though ranking wise few companies behind actually they are near to the first one but requiring improvement. As of now these are the companies that are ruling in this field. Hope this article helped you in finding the best washing in india. If yu have an suggestions or queries don;t forget to comment below. we will be happy to help.


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