How to purchase laptop for programming

How to purchase a laptop for programming?

What to look into a laptop while purchasing a laptop for programming?

The very basic thing a programmer need is to a laptop which has good speed. The focus should be on the processor speed, it should be minimum 2GHZ or more. The laptop RAM should not be less than 4GB.

Memory Or RAM

256 GB HDD (harddisk) or SSD (solid state drive) is good but owning SSD is quote faster than the hard disk. The price of a laptop going increases as SSD is bit more costly than hard drives.


Being Comfortable with the system make the work more productive. You should feel touchy to your laptop. It is possible when you are comfortable with the kind of keyboard you have, the colour of the laptop.

Configuration of laptop for CSE students

If you are a computer science student and entry level programmer or a mid level language programmer then you should go with the configuration given below.  I will also recommend you buying a laptop which has less complains and good with service at low cost. In other words cheap and best laptops for programmers in India.

Minimum Configuration of a laptop for programmers
Hard Drive 500GB/ 1TB 5400RPM
Screen 24-inch
Resolution 1920×1080
Battery Backup  Min 3+ hours

Computer Minimum Price Range in India August 2017 (After GST)

This image represents minimum pricing range of computers available in India. You can see the best laptop brand which is apple in this case is placed in left and others are placed in right.

computer laptop starting price in india

Here is the list of top 10 list of laptops for college students.

Top 6 laptops for programming students

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