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Delhi being the big capital, you might get really tired and frustrated by the end of the week and no doubt you deserve to chill at places to visit in Delhi.

The usual morning in the metro and the monotonous hustle bustle evenings of the city makes it hard to even think of a jolly trip either with family or friends. All the more, tight budget in the skyscraper city of India also becomes a hurdle in planning much needed enjoyment.

Remember that Goa trip you planned in college and how it never happened? Or that Mussoorie trip which your group promised to carry out once you all started earning?

But here I come becoming your knight in shining armour to help you live all those moments with your friends. And hey, it’s not Goa or Mussoorie. Here, I present 15 locations within 100kms of Delhi which won’t stretch your budget limit to the brim and you get to rejuvenate yourself. Spending time with your loved ones is definitely the icing on the cake.

3. Manesar

Manesar delhi places to cisit near delhi

This place is huge and accounts to various adventures such as temples, hills, training boot camps where you can indulge in a variety of thrilling activities such as mountain climbing and rifle shooting. Also, there are many resorts which offers delightful experiences alongside pool and games.

2. Neemrana 

places to visit in delhi

It around a little more than 100kms from Delhi and is a must visit if you and your friends are lovers of architecture. There are abundant of forts and historical places to gallivant about. You will sure to enjoy exploring this place with your friends.

3. Gurgaon

Gurgaon places to visit in delhi

 Gurgaon, the place which is called financial and technology hub. Gurgaon is also famous for its pubs and clubs which can be a . super fun place to explore if you are night liver. What’s better than a night spent dancing away along with your old buddies.

4. Tughlaqabad Fort

Tughlaqabad Fort places to visit in delhi

I have already mentioned about Neemrana but Tughlaqabad fort is another beauty because of its historical significance. It is situated about 20km from Delhi and an amazing choice if you want to explore the ruins of a fortified city.

5. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary 

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary places to visit in delhi

Birds mark the symbol of freedom and spending a day in the lap of serene wildlife could be enthralling for many while rejuvenating for others. It is situated about 16kms from Gurgaon. You may really enjoy with your family as well as friends. It could also turn into an educational yet fun filled trip for children.

6. Sohna 

Sohna places to visit in delhi

Sohna is around 25kms from Delhi and is best place to go if you are aiming at a silent and peaceful weekend. It is typical for you to want meditative place after a rugged week in the city. There are numerous temples and hot water springs. The Aravali range of hills is also located here where you can experience pacified lakes and water bodies.

7. Garhmukteshwar 

Garhmukteshwar places to visit in delhi

This is another holy place where you can replenish yourself with peaceful meditation or even climb up the hills to enjoy in the lap of nature. There are farmlands and beautiful grassland around this place where you can settle down for the weekend.

8. Damdama Lake

Damdama Lake places to visit in delhi

Damdama lake is beautiful picnic spot if you are with your family. Flanked by lush green valleys and an abundance of fresh air, this serene lake is situated around 38kms from Delhi. Boating in the lake is also available. Also, this place is perfect for camping with friends since it is surrounding by high mountains and many adventurous activities like bungee jumping are available here.

9. Pratapgarh Farms 

Pratapgarh Farms places to visit near delhi

This place is simply great to visit with your family, especially small children. The Pratapgarh farms offers many activities such as camel riding, horse riding and painting lessons. One can experience rural culture at this place in very less time. It is around 58kms from Delhi

10.Qutb Minar 

places to see in delhi qutb minar

Qutub Minar is located in Mehrauli Delhi and it is one of the best places to visit in Delhi in the daytime. Thousands of visitors come every day to visit Qutb Minar. There is a special metal pillar which has been for years and still stays without any decay. The pillar is a proof of ancient technology which was used to protect iron from decay.



11. Pataudi 

Pataudi places to visit in delhi

It is situated in the outskirts of Guragon and is about 87kms from Delhi. You can visit this place with your friends as it offers a range of thrilling activities.

12. Dhauj 

Dhauj camp wild places to visit near delhi

This place is especially famous for rock climbing and mounting trekking. You should visit with your friends to relive your college experiences. They also conduct workshops for students who wish to take up training in the field of mountaineering. Some of you might venture out on an adventure.

13. Akshardham Temple

Swaminarayan Akshardham, places to visit in delhi
Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi

It is situated in the heart of the city but it’s a lot more than just a temple. You might receive your inner peace and also enjoy a lively and soulful experience with your friends. The temple tells the tale of Swami Vishvanath in the forms of animated drama.

14. Vrindavan and Mathura 

Vrindavan and Mathura places to visit in delhi

You can visit these two places for a fulling weekend where you might go sight-seeing in one of the most popular religious places or might just shop for the regional antiques. You can even stretch your trip to Agra and around the famous Taj Mahal.

15. Fun and Food village

Fun and Food village delhi places to visit in delhi

It happens to be the most popular adventure park in Delhi where you can ride over many thrilling roller coasters and taste a range of delicacies. It best place to visit with your friends and create memorable moments together.

Did we miss any other favorite place which you like? Share that idea in the comment section below. We will feature if you suggest us the right one.


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