holi in inida

Saying India is amazing is not enough until you see India with naked eyes, involve in the culture, taste the food made in the village and experience the breath.

We made a list of things which will leave a feel about India which can not just felt by a foreigner but also any Indian.

Top 5 Best Things that Makes India Apart

#1 Holi, The most colorful festival.

Holi, One of the most popular festival celebrated in the month of march with a lot of colours and gulal.  Everyone plays Holi with unbeatable shinning and soft colours and bhang. The best part of Holi can be enjoyed in the city named Varanasi in the state name Uttar Pradesh.

holi in inida

#2 Cricketism

Doesn’t matter what is happening with the world, but there is a cricket match, it thrill Indians to watch them. India has so many religions and cricket is one among them.

indian cricket fans

#3 Comfort food

Indian is popular for spices and so for the food. The 29 states of India has got enough number of dishes which takes an year to tastes them all. Every state has own language, recipes and a very different taste of the food. ie: Daal in Andhra Pradesh will taste completely different from the Daal you eat i Delhi.

indian food


#4 Biggest Railway Network

Don’t be surprised if when you listen that the india has the biggest rail network in the world. Not just that but it has also the biggest rail network running hill and mountains of Jammu and kashmir.

indian railway the biggest rail network in the world


#5 Barbers

Have you ever been to a saloon where you can get shave in less than $20 cents, if not then indian might be a place you should get shaved one. Yeah you will not get the luxury experience but you will definitely get an experience which you will never forget.

barber shop in india

Wasn’t that amazing to know How inida is different and how it makes a unique identity with the rich History, Delicious Food and Most Importantly the The Holi ?

Obviously yes!

But do you think we missed something! Let us know in the comment section.

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