In today’s complex and busy life, you don’t have much time to go jogging and morning walk regularly. Thus, it is quite obvious that you keep on missing your daily schedule frequently. Now, bring home the best treadmills brand in India. All treadmills should be very accurate and should relinquish all the vital criteria essential in bringing down your calories. Treadmills are inevitable for those who want to shed off their weight in homo. Here, we discuss the following best treadmills in India with utmost research. This will surely help you in bringing home the best suitable treadmill for you.

Below we enlist some of the factors which you should consider for selecting a treadmill.

  • Objective: Whether you wanted to shed off your weight or get fit or train for a marathon etc…
  • Power: DC motors are usually quieter. Look for a minimum of 1.5 to 2.5 HP continuous duty.
  • Add on: Should support functionality like inclination, speed range, shock absorb, calorie burn, cardio workout programs etc…
  • Well-known Brand: Get rid of more frequent maintenance and repairments as it will be of a well-known brand.
  • Guarantee and Warranty (for at least 1-5 years).
  • Cost: Choose the best-motorized treadmill depending on your budget.

Top 10 best treadmills brand in India.

#1. KOBO

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KOBO is a manufacturer and retailer of high quality, Sports equipment, and professional trainers. The company has experience of more than 50 years in fitness and sports goods equipment. They are passionate both for Fitness and Sports industries and are committed to excellence, with each individual product passing through their rigorous quality control system,  such as our Treadmills. Supplied to gyms, personal trainers, amateur and professional boxers and fighters. They have fast become known for their superior quality products, as well as their commitment to customer care services.

The company since its inception the adhere to the principle of ” Quality First ” while at the same time focusing on new innovations in workmanship and designing to better address the needs of present and future customers.

#2. Propel

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Propel equipment matches the world’s best quality, specifications and manufacturing standards – their equipment is no different from that of the global leaders in this field. You get this at a price that is substantially lower than other global quality leaders. Their Annual Maintenance Contract will be comfortable and will ensure you can use your fitness equipment with peace of mind.

When you select from the world’s finest equipment brands, that too from FitnessOne, you eliminate the doubts on the quality of the equipment and rely on our products. Because of their economic policies and budget, you get more for every rupee spent on their types of equipment. Our volume and business model allows us to give you value-based pricing, attractive combination offers, and financing options.

#3. Durafit

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Their  Vision is to Improve Efficiency, Knowledge, Convenience, Safety, Enjoyment & Goal-Achievement of Health & Fitness Activities within the cozy confines of your home. They are the only brand that focuses on the fitness space with special attention on Home-Use Fitness Equipments. With their absolute focus on Customer Safety, they intend to make treadmills universally safe for its older & more vulnerable citizens. Their Pan-India Service Network and Customer Service Guarantee are designed to keep customer’s investment in their health & us safe for a long time.

#4. Afton

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Afton has a collaboration with  Phantom Athletics of Salzburg Austria to bring the Phantom Training Masks to India. Training masks do not create low-altitude environments but restricting the flow of air makes you work your breathing muscles harder during a workout.
This treadmill will help you in developing Stronger breathing muscles which help you achieve much better results and endurance during physical activity. The exceptional specifications and performance offered by this motorized treadmill have engrossed many consumers. The treadmill is foldable, lightweight, and compact, which saves a lot of space.

#5. Velocity

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If you are wishing to buy a  treadmill that is sleek and even stylish then velocity treadmill is the best brand for you. The treadmill functions pretty smoothly and ensures the safety of the user. It keeps a track of the speed, time, distance, heart-rate, etc. while you run are on the treadmill. It comprises of many functionalities that a buyer longs for and offers an ultra-cushioning for providing support to your knee.

#6. Proline

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Proline Fitness is ambitious to change the way people think about health and fitness. They perceive fitness to be an inevitable factor of a healthy life. They are much experienced in the fitness equipment market and will continue to lead, grow, and improve, so bring them home.
Proline Fitness is a subdivision of Cravatex Limited, a Batra Group of company. Cravatex was incorporated in 1951 and is currently traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Today Proline Fitness distributes both home and professional fitness equipment with a retail footprint of over 50 stores across India.

#7. Healthgenie

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The decision for buying treadmills is quite easy and incorporates various sorts like a manual treadmill, mechanized, commercial treadmill with twister and massager, multipurpose treadmill, and some more. Look for the best machine from the best brands in the market. Look at and Appreciate astounding arrangements and rebates and profit attainable installment choices including money down for an incredible shopping background with Healthgenie India.

#8. Telebrands

Telebrands have recently ventured into the treadmills market and have been big mover and shakers in the treadmill business and offer top-class treadmills at very reasonable prices. It is quite cost-effective. It has a motorized incline with 10 different inclination levels and offers maximum weight support of 110 kg. The best thing to be considered here is its lightweight compared to others in this list. This treadmill paves much emphasis on the safety and ease of the user. Weighing approximately in at only 67 kg, it is quite portable and the lack of wheels will not pose a significant hindrance.

#9. Sole

The most important point which embarks it special attention is that you can transfer your entire workout data very efficiently on your smartphone which helps you in keeping a track record of your workout. It helps you in seeing where you have to lay emphasis on. Sole Fitness offers a full line of durable and trusted fitness equipment including Sole Treadmills, Sole Ellipticals, and Sole Exercise Bikes. They back every machine we sell with the kind of warranty you’d expect in a high-end, quality product.

#10. Aerofit

Aerofit AF 429 Motorized Treadmill 2.5 HP AC Motor with Auto Inclination & Digital Concepts Pwm Control

The Aerofit motorised treadmill comes with 2.5 HP continuous DC motor. It is built to withstand constant pounding and jarring.It consists of the LCD  display which shows heart rate, time, distance, speed, elevation, calories and programs.

There is an integrated circuit breaker that protects the treadmill motor from any power surges. It is also air-cooled to provide efficient performance.


Thus, with utmost research, we have presented a list of various treadmills brands in India. Choose according to your requirements and budget which is more appropriate for you.


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