Philips MMS-2550F/94 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System (Black)

Looking for the best speaker under 3000 in India. I understand there are many speakers available online. If you have observed carefully all are not of same quality. So, to help you out we made We have made a list of speakers which you can buy in India. We have considered the sound quality, The area they cover, the beat and clarity of sound box.

Top 10 Best speaker under 3000 4000

#1. F&D Speakers A510 2.1 Multimedia Home Theatre Speaker

best speakers under 3000

if you are a music lover then you must be a loving song with well-composed music with bass.

It will be suggested if you can go with the Bluetooth receiver would chill this sound system. you will be able to experience wireless Bluetooth experience with your smartphone.


  • you will enjoy every beat of your favorite songs
  • Great performance with a mid and high bass
  • Controlled treble
  • the design is eye-catching.
  • Bass controller is available (backside of woofer unit)
  • Great design of speakers,
  • Looks elegant with your pc in the room
  • No treble control was given
  • But it is not the problem with these speakers because it gives a nice controlled sound. You can also control the sound with the help of a smartphone or audio equalizer.

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#2. Philips MMS-4040F/94 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System (Black)

Best speaker under 3000 4000

Is 2.1 speakers sound system is as good as the 5.1 speaker system given by and that. just sound quality is President can even unto speaker it works really well. it has got loud sound using plastic your room with sound. the design of these fair sound system as director role but still they are good when it comes to sound quality. Philips is a good company when it comes to sound, and it won’t disappoint you when you will go with Philips MMS-4040F.


  • Compact design
  • Crisp and clear audio output from the satellite speakers and Subwoofer.
  • Deep bass with an adjustable knob and inbuilt treble.
  • Remote control
  • Great connectivity with AUX/USB/SD.
  • Inbuilt FM Tuner with auto tuner stations


  • today full volume is a script on 20 when you start the sound system.

#3. F & D A180X Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker 4200W (Black)

Best speaker under 3000 4000


  • Modern Design
  • Bluetooth Design
  • Good Price
  • Warranty period
  • Great Wireless Connectivity
  • LED Display


  • Need tweak in Equalizer


A murders design fabulous built quality and good bass. What else do you think that makes a sound system perfect. you have at a decent price you’ll also get Bluetooth connectivity which has a good pairing range. the sound quality is a best friend full but doing in small tweak in an equalizer smartphone or laptop makes it better.

#4. F&D 2.1 Multimedia Speakers A111F

Best speaker under 3000 4000

The two hemispherical speakers And the woofer system that’s what comes with the. the boss quality is a complaint by many customers, the sound is pretty decent. NO more, I feel this piece of this article should not be followed. Overall build quality is good except for bass.


  • USB playback: plays songs from pen drive like a charm after I formatted it with 16KB allocation size.
  • FM: you can scan all the stations once and just glide through them, good clarity.
  • Price: decent!
  • Clarity on satellites: excellent
  • Looks: excellent


  • Bass is not up to the mark, you have to keep on the peak but you may not experience real bass.

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#5. Philips IN-BT4200A/94 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Blue)

best speaker under 3000

When it comes to wireless speakers you should go with Philips and BT 4200A, many things which you should take care of while buying this. it’s you are someone who uses I want sound system outside of your room then you should go with this. it is a wireless speaker which should be charged in less than 45 minutes. it gives a good battery backup Which is around 3 hours on full volume and 4 and half hours on average volume.


  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth Enables
  • Quick Charging 45 minutes
  • 3+ backup of full volume
  • Clear Sound
  • Good Bass in Surrounded Area


  • No AUX

#6. Philips MMS-2550F/94 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System (Black)

Best speaker under 3000

Call personally love Philips MMS 2550/94, whenever you look at the sound system it seems, the sound system is welcoming you to start. I really like that, it seems the sound system is telling me that “I am ready, are you?”. Coming to the sound quality, some qualities pretty decent and have good Bass when played in a room. but there is a problem, your friend write shouldn’t have any other files than MP3 songs.


  • Good clarity
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Built Quality
  • Can connect with Bluetooth receiver
  • Connectivity


  • Treble [You have to mention that using laptop equalizer or mobile equalizer]
  • Radio Strength

#7. F&D A140X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers (Black)

Best speaker under 3000 4000

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Good sound system a pretty good-looking sound system. it also has Bluetooth connectivity, which connects to fifteen meters. The sound quality is good, but the look is a bit girly. But if you are looking for this for a home then you can go with it.


  • Look
  • Sound quality
  • Decent price
  • Warranty
  • AUX and Wireless connectivity


  • You’ll need a good equalizer for a balanced sound.

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#8. Creative SBS A255 2.1 Speaker System (Black)

Best speaker under 3000 4000


  • weight
  • Price
  • Quality
  • warranty
  • sound


  • small speakers

The sound system is looking very nice. The sound is very clear with a base. The system in ON/OFF switches integrated with volume control. you can easily connect your desktop and mobile for a pleasant audio experience. If you feeling party mood. Then you play loudly and enjoy it. this speaker’s sound is really really good with the base. we will give you a speaker with a 1-year warranty. This speaker model’s name is A255, weight is only 2.9 kg, wattage is 12.00.

#9. Envent DeeJay Rock+, 5.1 True Wood Home Audio Speaker

Best speaker under 3000 4000

There is genuine technology behind our 5.1 systems. This is what allows it to create a balanced sound. You can hear where each instrument is in the band. This changes the experience from listening to a song to actually being in the middle of it. Music and entertainment should never tie you down.

You need to move to the beat and yet stay connected. We have incorporated the latest Bluetooth version to give you better control over what you choose to play and hear. Once connected these speakers allow you to play music wirelessly from up to 10mts that is 30 feet away. we give you remote control whereby all the features of Play, Pause, Rewind, Forward & Mode button right on yours on fingertips. Only 5.1 speakers in the market.


  • LED Display
  • Remote control
  • Sound
  • BrandCONS
  • Better Retro Design

#10. Envent 5.1 Speakers 701BT Home Audio

best speakers under 3000 4000 rupees


  • Bluetooth connectivity to ensure Wirefree Music, Connecting Devices: Phone, TV-LED/LCD, Tablet, PC etc.
  • Dedicated Volume, Bass & Treble knobs,
  • 30W RMS
  • weight: 4.7 Kg


  • Just Good Looking

The design is a vital component when it comes to an audio system. We make sure our products have the best. The Deejay 701BT comes with a Glossy finish on the front panel of both the woofer and the satellite speakers. Together they give you a total RMS output of 30 Watts. This is a perfectly balanced combination. Hope this article helps you in finding the best speaker under 3000 rupees in India or the best speaker under 4000 rupees in India.

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