Top 10 best Elegant Sofa Brands in India

Having a luxurious home today is what is trending. Interior of a home plays a major role in today’s scenario. What a house should look from outside is what it should look from inside. It cannot be denied that sofa adds luxury and style to your interior.

Thus getting a sofa set that is not only stylish but comfortable too is what is needed.There are many brands that reinforces together quality, comfort, luxury and price and give you best option.

Some of the keypoints which should be considered while selecting your sofa.

  • Filling Material Used
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Quality of Wood
  • Resistance to Wear and Tear
  • Cushion

In India, there are lot of choices from where you can opt best sofa  from a set of listed sofa brands .   Top Indian sofa companies had also introduced new designs in the market according to decreasing home spaces. The demand for innovative sofa design is rising every day due to modern office spaces and studio apartments. Many companies had grown since last few years because of meeting the increasing demands of customers.

With vigorous changing lifestyle there is a dynamic upgradation and modelling of the quality and design of sofa set. Top companies keep refreshing their quality products to keep pace with the market.

Here with utmost research we note down the Top 10 Sofa brands In India:

Top 10 Best Sofa Brands in India

#1. Godrej Interio


Godrej Interio is India’s largest furniture brand. From manufacturing the humble Storwel cupboard 80 years back to being a vibrant, innovative brand with a diverse portfolio .
They emphasize comfort and aesthetics while delivering well designed, fun and functional furniture solutions to you.The sofa manufactured by them reinforces all qualities of a desirable sofa. It contains various qualities of reliability, durability and many other

True to the Godrej mission to conserve the environment, they design products, set up processes and use raw materials that are eco-friendly to do your bit to preserve natural resources.

Godrej Interio is a business unit of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. – part of the Godrej Group, one of India’s largest engineering and consumer product groups.

Advantages of Godrej Interio:

  • Trust
  • Intergrity
  • Respect
  • Environment
  • To Serve



#2  Usha Lexus

USHA SHRIRAM Rizewell Silky-Soft Fabric 8 inch Queen Pocket Spring Mattress

It is a Gurgaon based company and offers wide range of products for living room , drawing room ,bed room kitchen etc. Founded in 1983 it belongs to Shri Ram group of companies. Brand Usha Shriram is known for its quality and reliability and has built its reputation over decades through millions of satisfied customers. They have pan India after sales service network.

The quality of fabric used in various Sofa is such that it remains cool even during hot summers. This recliner comes with a pocket spring base with density foam. This makes the recliner cozy and comfortable and adds to its look


The Usha Shriram Lexus Furniture Advantage :

  • Genuine Solid Wood Furniture.
  • Exclusive Packages for Complete Homes.
  • Stain Proof Melamine Polish.
  • Choice of Upholstery.
  • 12 Months Free Replacement Warranty.
  • 30 Months Free After Sales Service.

#3. Neelkamal Furnitures

Nilkamal Ltd was founded in the year 1981 by Vaman Parekh & Sharad. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is one of the largest manufacturers of molded furniture. It is offering a high range of products including Material Handling Crates, Center Table, Dining Table, Stool, Industrial Pallets, Baby Table etc.

The Company has advanced machinery in Injection Moulding, Rotational Moulding, Vacuum Forming, Polyurethane Injection (of insulation) and capabilities for Blow Moulding

The foam filling used in Sofa gives this product a soft and relaxing lounge. Its wooden armrest give it a premium look.

NILKAMAL’S Advantages:

  • Material Handling Solutions
  • Moulded Furniture
  • Nilkamal Mattrezzz
  • Nilkamal Home Ideas, the Home Furnishing Store

#4. Furniturewaala

The design of our products and depth of our knowledge can make your life at home easier and more comfortable, from morning to night.

The foam filling gives this product a soft and relaxing lounge. Its wooden armrest give it a premium look

We re-invest a majority of our profits in existing and new IKEA stores, as well as in product development, sustainable solutions and by continuously lowering prices to our customers.


  • High Quality testing
  • Recycle pet plasting
  • R & D Team

#5. Zuari 

Sleek and compact, the Zuari Sofa is a new take on a classic chair. It has all the comfort of a traditionally overstuffed recliner, but pared down in form, to make it more space saving. Covered in plush and firm upholstery, sink in, lean back and get comfortable


  • Design Specific
  • High-Quality Testing
  • R & D Team

#6. Durian

If you are going to mix and match your existing and new furniture, then first you need to evaluate how your house is going to look. Once you have the look in your mind, you need to take the measurements of your existing furniture and add sample of colours, textures and styles to your scrapbook to assess how your old and new furniture will complement each other. Once you have the look in front of you, you can go ahead and buy the furniture.

Durian Furniture, can help you find the right furniture for your house.


  • High-Quality testing
  • Recycle pet plastic
  • R & D Team

#7.  Damro

DAMRO is among the World’s Largest Furniture Manufacturers offering a diverse range of modern and traditional furniture. Since Damro was established in 1986, it has achieved a rapid success and has expanded to over 200 showrooms globally. Damro’s success has grown from it’s ability to produce high quality furniture at affordable prices with outstanding customer service.


  • Trade Reformation policy
  • Brand equity
  • Global Sourcing

This sofa is relaxing, comfortable and worth the price.

#8. Wipro Furnitures

Being a pioneer of new materials and processes, Case has launched the latest endorsed and licensed chair which sensitively reflects the specific design Driven by the philosophy of Innovation & Design, Case Furnitures offers complete range of Office Furniture Solutions which includes Workstations, Benching, Cabin Furniture, Full Height Partition systems, Conference / Meeting Tables, Discussion Tables, Educational Furniture, Task Seating, Executive Seating, Board Room Seating, Multipurpose Seating and Breakout Zone Tables & Chairs.


  • Innovation
  • Design
  • Green Technology
  • R & D Team

#9. Style Spa

Instead of discarding the existing furniture, it’s time to add different ones to give your living room a better look. Try Stylespa’s online living room furniture which makes the viewers enjoy the illusion of class and exotic ones. Its perfect time to add new furniture that gives the lively look at budget-friendly options.

No matter the size, every living room has the potential to amuse guests. Even the most cramped living room can be made spacious, look classy and inviting, so start making some necessary adjustments to be able to successfully amuse your guests.

Stylespa has the best online centre in Chennai, having said that, it’s time to liven up your living room.

To showcase more budget-friendly options, we compiled a list of the living furniture to liven up your living room. These new designs have the power to revolutionize the blandest décor, so usher in any season with their charm! De-stress is a key to happiness!

It’s time to make your living room a place where you can relax and love spending time. Add some style to your living area and finally give yourself the space you need to recoup and enjoy life with your family and loved ones.


  • Qualitative
  • Budgetable
  • R & D Team

#10. Featherlite

The living room is where you share. A hot drink, a joke, a favourite TV show are all enjoyed here communally. But it is also the place you share the story of who you are, not through words but through your interiors. Featherlite provides a range of home furniture diverse enough to fit anyone’s story, with designs that are chic, stylish and most importantly comfortable.

Incorporated in 1965 Featherlite is one of the leading furniture manufacturing organisations in India today, providing complete office furniture solutions for all segments of the market through its strong base of direct and franchisee offices present across 54 locations in India.
Featherlite core expertise lies in manufacturing and marketing extremely innovative and cost-effective customized office furniture such as modular work stations, chairs, partitions, desks conference tables educational, laboratory, retail furniture, and fixtures


  • Durable
  • Superior Quality
  • R & D Team

Choose Wisely

We have done all hardwork to help you choose best sofa brands in India. Hope ,it will help and you will choose the quality product according to your requirements and budget. Compare the advantages of each brand and according to your requirements choose the product that is most suitable for you.


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