Top 10 best DSLR Cameras Under 50000

You might not be a photographer but who knows if you are better than them. Good Cameras and camera accessories are important to get started with any kind of photography.

If you are a serious photographers then you must be knowing or if you are a beginner then you should know that a you cannot get a good photo just with your skills but you need a good camera. How to take on this problem. In this post we listed the best DSLR cameras under 50000 rs in india. Cameras are the 1st equipment to get started, so let’s get started.

List of Best Best DSLR Cameras Under 50000


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Canon EOS 750D

Best DSLR Cameras Under 50000



  • Sensor 22.3 x 14.9 mm, APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Image processing DIGIC 6
  • Video 1080 30p
  • Battery 440 shots
  • Included lens18-55mm
  • Weight 555g
  • Maximum resolution 24.2MP
  • Display Articulated 3″ 1040k-dot articulated touch-screen
  • Continuous Shooting 5fps
  • Auto focus points 19
  • ISO100-12800
  • Launch year2015
Pros and Cons
  • +1040k-dot articulated Touch screen
  • + WiFi
  • – AF points
  • – Weight 


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Nikon D7000

best camera under 50000 rs


  • Sensor23.6 x 15.6 mm APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Image processingEXPEED 2
  • Maximum resolution16.2MP
  • Included lens18-105mm
  • Video1080 30p
  • ISO100-6400
  • Battery1050 shots
  • Weight690g
  • Launch year2010
  • DisplayFixed 3″ 921k-dot
  • Continuous Shooting6fps
  • Autofocus points39
Pros and Cons
  • + 6fps continuous shooting
  • + Battery
  • – Older imaging processor
  • -less efficient to process images
  • – ISO


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Nikon D5500

best dslr camera under 50000


  • Sensor23.5 x 15.6 mm APS-C CMOS sensor
  • ISO100-25600
  • Video1080 60p
  • Auto focus points39
  • Weight420g
  • Launch year2015
  • Battery820 shots
  • Included lens18-55mm (AF-P)
  • Image processingEXPEED 4
  • Maximum resolution24.1MP
  • DisplayArticulated 3.2″ 1040k-dot touch-screen
Pros and Cons
  • + AF points
  • + Battery
  • + Touch screen
  • + Video 60fps
  • + WiFi
  • +Continuous Shooting 5fps


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Nikon D5300


  • Sensor 23.5 x 15.6 mm APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Image processing EXPEED 4
  • Video 1080 60p
  • Battery 600 shots
  • Included lens18-55mm +70-300mm
  • Weight 480g
  • Maximum resolution 24.1MP
  • Display Articulated 3.2″
  • 1040k-dot touch-screen
  • Continuous Shooting 5fps
  • Auto focus points 39
  • ISO100-25600
  • Launch year2013
Pros and Cons
  • +Battery 600 shots
  • +1040k-dot touch-screen
  • + Video 60fps
  • + Lens kit


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Sony Alpha A68

Remove term: best dslr camera under 50000 in India best dslr camera under 50000 in India


  • Sensor 23.5 x 15.6 mm APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Image processing BIONZ X
  • ISO100-25600
  • Video 1080 60p
  • Battery 580 shots
  • Continuous Shooting 8fps
  • Auto focus points 79
  • Included lens18-55mm
  • Weight 610g
  • Maximum resolution 24.1MP
  • Display Articulated 2.7″ 460k-dot screen
  • Launch year2015
Pros and Cons
  • +Auto focus points 79
  • + 8fps shooting
  • + Video 60fps
  • +Included lens18-55mm


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Top 10 dslr cameras under 50000

As we discussed earlier about the best cameras under 50000 rupees, they can be considered  as top 10 DSLR cameras to purchase. If you looking for more options then you should try this thread. You will find all the best camera which you can purchase online under 50000 rupees.


Best DSLR camera under 50000 in 2017: Why to buy newly produced camera not old?

There are many things which should be compared to make an honest answer.

  1. The imaging industry is changing rapidly, when it comes to old released cameras, it won’t be an intelligent choice to go with them. However, i am considering old cameras which are 5 years old or more.
  2. The more costly camera is the better picture quality will be, but. This doesn’t apply in all the cases.
  3. As the technology gets older finding parts and accessories becomes tough.
  4. Ever after adding a lot of accessories you might not be able to get good quality images.

Best DSLR under 50000 in india 2017: Why DSLR cameras are better than point shoot cameras?

DSLR stands digital single-lens reflex camera. The lenses in these cameras are exchanges with different variety of camera lenses depends on situation. There are many huge differences between point shoot cameras and DSLR camera.

  1. Point shoot cameras can be only used for shooting small distance images in other words, You cannot use Point Shot cameras for the things which are far from the camera.
  2. Whereas, you can use the DSLR cameras, you can exchange the lenses instantly and do whatever you want to capture.
  3. DSLR costs much because of the sensor used in it and the FPS(Frame per second), speed, resolution of the photo and video. where as the point shoot camera are cheaper and the lenses cannot be exchanged.

Best camera under 50000: Why to buy a DSLR camera of 5000 rupees?

It’s a good question, why should someone buy a camera of 50,000 rupees. To explain in brief, the simple thing you should know is the quality. The more costly camera you buy the more clarity you get(Wait, this is wrong). The right thing is, The more purposeful camera you buy the good quality images or videos you will be able to process.

Can we get a DSRL camera under 10000 rupees in india?

The answer is NO, you cannot get a DSLR camera which is under 10000 rupees. The very basic DSLR camera starts from 22,000 rupees for photo shoot. You should buy a DSLR camera after understanding your purpose.

What do i mean by the purpose for DSLR camera?

Many of us thing than every DSLR camera can capture videos and images. But this is just a myth, You may have a DSLR camera which does both but thinking ever DSLR camera can record video is wrong.

Wait, if you are thinking that the camera i discussed earlier(22,000 rs one) can record a video then wait. You should

However if you are willing to spend a little extra you will get a camera which can also record a video for you. Which will be another extra feature.


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