Hyderabad is the best place to live in

Hyderabad, which is popular for Hi Tech City and its infrastructure is also one of the best cities in India to live in Hyderabad.

How can Hyderabad be the best place to live in when cities like Banglore, Mumbai, and Delhi Still Exist?

Here are few of the points which mention

Top 9 Reasons Why Hyderabad is the best place to live in!

#1. No Food Problem

Either you are from north Indian or south India, food will not be a big issue. However, it won’t be available in all the hostels but you can always get North Indian Roti at very less price from places like Roti Wala.

#2. People are friendly

People don’t mind helping you either you north Indian or south Indian. People with a good looking bullet will be ready to help you than showing attitude.

#3. You will find people from almost every state

Hyderabad is the center from where you can go everywhere in India. You will find people from every state, including poor, stated like Kerela, Oddish, and Bihar which represents that Hyderabad is for everyone not just for IT Engineers.

#4. No Language Barrier

You will never face language barrier if you are coming from north India. The majority of people understand Hindi, even they try their best to reply in hindi.

#5. People Cheer you up than bragging you down

People never troll even you do not belong to the state Telangana. They will never force you to talk in their mother tongue. You are free to ask a question in Hindi, They try their best to reply in the best Hindi the know.

#6. Auto Driver charges just the same for Everyone

You might have experienced some south Indians charging more because it’s their state and you don’t speak their language.

But, In Hyderabad, you will be never charged too much.

#7. No Meter in Autos

Be ready to ride Hyderabad without “Auto Meter”, But trust me they don’t charge blindly. Auto drivers are friendly and they respect you.

#8. Fastest Internet Connection in The Whole Country

Fast internet connection is the becoming first priority for everyone who wants to live in this 2K17. The whole country runs Internet 100MBPS or below internet connect but Hyderabad internet has the capability to run 1GBPS.

#9. Ameerpet

Hyderabad Institutes

Ameerpet is a place where you will find thousands of engineers who come to learn programming knowledge and enhance their skills. The best part is Hyderabad is the best and cheapest city to learn programming.

You can do core Java(JSE) with good faculty in less than 1200 rupees. This kind of marketing makes Hyderabad the best place to work.



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