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Top 10 Best LG IFB Siemens Dishwasher Price in India | Review | Comparison

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The Indian market for the dishwashers is quite narrow at the moment but still there the best dishwashers in india list has to be prepared for the sake of clarity. There are only some brands that have the device designed for Indian cooking style. They can take out the oiliest stains that we have while cooking.

Brands like IFB, Bosch, LG, Deluxe and Siemens are amongst the best and have products you will love to buy. All these companies are already pioneer in the world of electronic and their products are a mix of best quality and durability This article is about the dishwashers who are manufactured by the company LG. LG is a well-known brand in India and they manufacture various household electronics. They also manufacturer dishwashers according to Indian style of cooking and cleaning. Here is the best product by the LG.

Finally, Here is the list of top 10 best dishwashers price comparison and review

#1 Bosch 12 Place Setting Dishwasher (SMS40E32EU, White)

 Best LG IFB Siemens Dishwasher Price in India | Review | Comparison

Bosch SMS40E32EU has a great feature called Dosage Assist which saves your energy and uses it efficiently. This dishwashing machine is Perfected for Indian Utensils. An Electronic Delay Timer which allows you to schedule the washing time.  This dishwasher has 10-Year Rust Through Warranty.It reduces your daily work of writing by Effortless Cleaning.

#2 Bosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS60L18IN, Silver Inox)

 Best LG IFB Siemens Dishwasher Price in India | Review | Comparison Bosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS60L18IN, Silver Inox)

This IFB dishwasher comes with 12 place settings which offer varieties of washing patters. The 6 wash programs make the who system to operate easily. The whole machine has Warranty of 2 years and 10 years warranty against rusting of inside tub which is amazing.  This washing machine comes with half load option which consumes less electricity when the tub is semi-filled. It saves the water which is an essentials thing for the next generation. 

#3 IFB Free-Standing 12

 Best LG IFB Siemens Dishwasher Price in India | Review | Comparison IFB


This dishwasher is by IFB with Fully-automatic front-loading features. it comes with 12 place settings which make this dishwasher to be operated easily. The 5 wash programs make the washing machine more effective. 5 wash programs is an automated process which is easily controlled by the help of navigation buttons. This washing machine has an extra feature called Heavily Soiled Program, which removed the dirt or oil speckle from the dishes.

#4 Siemens Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SN26L201IN, White)

best dishwasher in india

  • This Siemens dishwasher is like any other washing machine with all common features like 12 setting for washing and 4 wash programs. But the best thing about this washing machine is it is power friendly and the electricity bill will be quite lesser than any other washing machine. Speedier feature in this dishwasher reduces the motorcycles up to 60% and saves electricity. 
  • Vario Speed feature saves electricity by saving the power and improves the wash results by reducing the motorcycles. As the motorcycles are reduced the power is saved and it makes this washing the best IFB dishwasher in India in terms of power consumption.

#5 Bosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS60L12IN, White)

best dishwasher in india Bosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS60L12IN, White)

This Bosch SMS60L12IN The Electronic Delay Timer allows you to schedule the washing time, you can schedule as per your requirements. As this washing machine is a little older, it doesn’t come with a great sound proof technology.  However, the model has an optimized option and made using soundproof technology.  Half Load Option is another good feature which saves power and makes your work efficiently without a lot of power consumption. Perfected for Indian Utensils Childproof Control Lock has become an important part of almost any electronic appliances, this dishwasher comes with this kind of security.

#6 LG D1451WF Dishwasher (14 Place Settings, Silver)

This dishwasher has 14 plate settings which is the basic feature you should be looking for before selecting one product. This size is sufficient for a family that has around 5-6 members. The dishwasher has different wash program like Dual wash, Auto eco, which are quite gentle and quick. The dishwasher has some interesting features like child lock, refill indicator, aqua stop, and triple filter. All these features help in making your experience a better one and also helps in protecting the device. This device is more spacious and flexible than the products from IFB. Therefore you can consider this product before you make a decision.

 Best LG IFB Siemens Dishwasher Price in India | Review | Comparison

The single dishwasher available from LG is D1451WF. This dishwasher has got smart rack system and silence on mode which produces almost no sound while running. The water spray technology is improved to spend less water and do more work. Smart Diagnosis is a great thing introduced in LG dishwashers, the problem is detected automatically and told by the voice process. So if you get any problem in future, no need to explain the engineers the things you don’t understand. It does the work by itself.


#7 Siemens SN26L800IN Freestanding Dishwasher (12 Place Settings, Sliver)

 Best LG IFB Siemens Dishwasher Price in India | Review | Comparison

This Dishwasher has a capacity of 12 place settings and hence can easily work for a joint family with moderate members. They have 6 wash programs and that is sufficient to clean the utensils in an effective manner. The dishwashers are equipped with aquasensor and load sensor which help in making your experience a good one. They operate on 24hrs time delay. The body is made up of steel and hence the product is durable.


#8 Siemens Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SN26L801IN, Steel)

 Best LG IFB Siemens Dishwasher Price in India | Review | Comparison

This is a Free Standing Dishwasher with the most common 12 place settings. Some dishwasher takes up a lot of time in the washing and drying cycle. This dishwasher reduces up to 60% of a wash cycle and thus increases the speed. There are in total 6 washing programs & 3 wash options for the users for different types of utensils. Aqua sensor & load sensor thus helps in cleaning utensils and saves water in the long run.

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#9 Siemens Dishwasher- SN236I01KE

 Best LG IFB Siemens Dishwasher Price in India | Review | Comparison

This Siemens dishwasher is also 12 plate settings and is a little expensive than the other products due to its design and the material they have used. The sensors like aqua sensor and load sensor are equipped. The device also has anti-flood management and thus makes sure you don’t have any problem while working. They also provide a 2-year warranty and good customer service.

#10 IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher (12 Place Settings, Dark Silver)

 Best LG IFB Siemens Dishwasher Price in India | Review | Comparison


One of the customers who purchased IFB Neptune VX says My Mother was always troubled by the erratic maids and their tantrums. Gifted this dishwasher to her.. and have been using it since 2013. The machine is running fine.. and is an absolute blessing.. two things to keep in mind… firstly the water pressure must be adequate (not good if your water tank is placed right on the ceiling/roof above you. Secondly, the best place to install it is in the kitchen itself preferably near the washing sink.

Dishwashers by LG


best lg dishwashers

LG dishwashers come with innovative Smart Rack™ System.It has DirectDrive motors with fewer moving parts — giving you the power to clean more dishes in a single load with its new-age flexibility and doing it all quietly. In the process, LG dishwasher saves a lot of your electricity by minimizing the workload into parts. The navigation and control are made easy with their clean lines, stylish finishes and LED panel controls.
Smart Rack™ System for better cleaning in LG dishwashers: When you choose a dishwasher with the Smart Rack System either it might be if be or any other brand, you can quickly adjust the tines for flexible loading of bowls, plates and virtually any type of dishes. LG Dishwashers specially provides you the flexibility to accommodate larger pots and pans make room for everything.

Dishwashers by IFB

IFB is a popular brand in India. The best thing is about IFB is that it has very fewer service centres. Fewer service centres because this company guarantees to be running smoothly for years. and surprisingly IFB machines really performs well. IFB which stands for Industries Limited originally known as Indian Fine Blanks Limited started their operations in India during 1974 in collaboration with Heinrich Schmid AG.

Dishwashers by Siemens

Siemens Company is German based and headquarters in Berlin. The company has a big name in the market of electronics as the largest suppliers. They manufacture many electronic products and dishwashers are one of them and also supply their products to India. You can also look for other products from this company Siemens. The dishwashers are quite good in quality and have good customer reviews.

Dishwashers are an electronic device which helps in cleaning the dirtiest utensils with just one button. And you don’t even have to make your hands dirty. This device is just like a washing machine which cleans and dries the utensils and they are free of germs when they come out. Dishwashers are a common thing in the western part of the world. But this concept is a little new to Indian households.

Indians are used to having maids to do this job. But in today’s world where the adults in the house are working and are constantly busy, you can’t survive a day without the maid. Therefore, this device makes your life easy, and you will enjoy washing the dishes.


What are the types of the dishwasher?

Basically, there are 2 types of dishwashers which are available in India.

  • Free-standing- They can be easily moved around in the house or kitchen where you have better space and socket
  • Built-in- They cannot be moved around and once installed will remain at the same place. For the built-in model, you need to design your kitchen accordingly. They are better than the freestanding one in which you will have to move again and again.

What are the basic features you should expect in dishwashers?

  • Look for number of place settings-
  • Design Material-
  • Cycle Options-.
  • Noise-
  • Touch Control-

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