Top 10 Best Laptop Brands In India

Laptops and smartphones changed the way we were using technology 10 years ago. But in this revolution so many companies have built their reputation .and some most of them were focused on making enough money.

This list tells the minimum price of laptop brands available in India.  If you observe carefully, You will find the best laptop brands in left to right order.

Minimum price of international laptops in India

Minimum price of international laptops in India

In this article, I will tell you what are some reputed laptop brands in India and why you should go with. Remember we are talking about best computer brands in India. so let’s go ahead and see which companies are on our list “best laptop companies/brands in India”

#1 Appleapple macbook pro

Apple is the best brand to use, it’s not because everyone cannot afford it because it makes the work so easy and makes the things to simple. For example, the touchpad is so amazing that no one till now has developed.Apple is costly but waits for a second, they don’t just charge you because their products are awesome also because they are the best service provider in the market. You can call apple customer care support and talk they for hours until your problem is solved despite other laptop companies.

frieService: 10/10

Device Cost: Above Average

Repair Cost: Above Average

Best Features: Best Security, Easy and Handy

#2 HP

HP which stands for Hewlett-Packard is an American brand. This is the second best laptop brand to purchase in India. Why! Because of The hardware you will get is just amazing, they go for too long. my friend is still using HP laptops bought by his father 7 years ago and it still is on it’s best. Note, purchasing a cheap laptop with cheap hardware may slow down the laptop internally, hence purchasing a laptop with good hardware is always a good choice. This is one of the reason you should  use HP.

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Samsung is a big popular brand in India. The one thing even apple have used from Samsung is the screen. The laptops are a little overpriced but they look good. The Samsung laptops are good with it’s picture quality and no doubt with good hardware.

# Dell

samsung laptop

Dell laptops average in their price like almost any other computer. You should not expect hardware like HP or Apple in this laptop. This company releases a lot of average looking models at a competitive price in India. The service is average and the Hardware Quality of laptop is just better than Lenovo or iBall laptops. Apart from this, Dell is very good in it’s gaming laptops called Alienware.  But again, Alienware is not something you can afford to carry everywhere, it will be heavy like hell.

#4 Lenovo


Lenovo is a good brand when it comes to the design and market value. Some on its module is a little defective. But then if we talk about Thinkpad, they are really good and slim. But once again, if you willing to go with ThinkPad then I will recommend you get a MacBook Pro. Lenovo laptop hardware quality is above average, Not So good Not Too bad. So what alternate you should go with, I would recommend you getting hp laptops. You might have to spend a little extra but I am sure you will appreciate this choice.



Asus laptops are built well with it’s good hardware quality. There are many good gaming laptops which you can purchase. The one thing you should take care about ASUS is the service and maintenance is another good thing. They do not have exact service like apple, but they do respond well.

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